Backup settings with NikSaver: save all programs settings and system configuration


NikSaver is a program that will help you backup all your settings in case you reinstall the operating system or move them to another computer.

It will backup everything you need: from icons on the desktop and bookmarks in the browser to the settings of installed software and games.

Do not waste your time and nerves on what can be done automatically!



Why do you need a program that saves settings?

Your computer is just like your house. Everything is arranged and set up in it they way you find convenient. From your desktop arranged the way you like it to a dozen of installed programs, e-mail and browser bookmarks.

But if you want to reinstall the operating system or move your settings to another computer, you are sure to face some difficulties: each program stores its settings in a unique location and you need hours and hours to find those settings and then manually copy them. Or you have to put up with the lost settings and data (e-mail, bookmarks, passwords, etc.) and configure everything manually.

There is another way out! Just use our program. It will automatically copy the data and settings you need and then easily restore them.

What can you do with NikSaver?

Working environment

Icons, desktop settings and wallpaper, Quick Launch bar, the settings of built-in applications (Paint, NotePad, RegEdit), the skins and system configuration.

System software settings

(mail and Outlook Express settings, bookmarks and site passwords for Internet Explorer, Office software settings, Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger, operating system registration, etc.).

Installed software settings

Currently, NikSaver supports more than 500 programs, such as: WinAMP and iTunes, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, Nero Burning Rom, ICQ and Miranda, WinZIP and WinRAR, ZoneAlarm, Dreamweaver, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, The Bat! and Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype and others.

Game settings and saved games

Need for Speed Underground & Most Wanted, Civilization 3, Warcraft III, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Unreal Tournament 2004, DeusEx 2, GTA 3 & San Andreas and others.

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Comfortable program interface.

The interface of the program is implemented in the form of a Wizard: the process is described in detail in every step, you just have to select the operation you need (save\load) and specify what should be saved (what software, games, system settings, files and folders).

High data storage reliability.

We use unique algorithms of searching for, saving and restoring your settings in order to save your data.
We add only those programs our experts have checked.
We have been developing and releasing NikSaver for more than 2 years already and its efficiency have been confirmed by hundred thousands of users who use it.

It is probably the best software for saving settings!

I am a system administrator and when I found this program, I exclaimed, "That's exactly what I need!" Of course, I've checked how good it is and it does what it's supposed to do perfectly, you know. Now I can configure any computer in 30 seconds!
Steave Ashman


Ordering NikSaver is risk-free because of 30-day money-back guarantee;
so why wait when you can order right now?

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