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We offer you several ways of getting free registration.
To receive a free registration, you can:

For all matters concerning free registration, contact our technical support team.

Link to our site

If you own a well-visited website, you can place a link to or any of our products there and, in return, receive free registration for NikSaver. The registration key received is valid as long as your site contains the above-mentioned link.
We are not interested in getting such links on sites:

  • containing warez, cracks, program hacks, etc.
  • containing adult materials
  • containing illegal/illicit data

If you want to place our banner or a link on your site, send us a message specifying the exact address of your site, number of visitors/users, and a page where the link is to be placed.
To view link examples, check our site's "Link to us" section. There aren't any strict limitations as to design and appearance of links.
We reserve the right to refuse free registration if, for any reason, we find this link undesirable.

Create an 20 worked scripts for NikSaver

Scripts are special files that add the support of other programs to NikSaver. You will find the detailed description of how to create scripts in the manual coming together with the program.
All scripts must be tested and run with the specified program versions.

Prior to sending:

  • Test each script before sending it
  • pack the resulting file using one of popular archiving products (for instance, zip) and attach it to your message
  • state your name and e-mail address (they will be specified in your registration key)

Send your scripts to the our e-mail address .

Translate the program interface into another language

Our programs have been translated into various languages:

English, German, Russian, Ukranian, Polish, Bulgarian


If you are able to precisely translate the program interface into another language not listed in the list above, we'll give you a free registration key and include your translation into our program.

Translate program documentation into another language

Our products' documentation has been translated into the following languages:

English, Russian

If you are able to precisely translate documentation on our programs into another language not listed in the list above, we'll give you a free registration key and post your translation on our website.

Important: Before you decide to make a translation, make sure you contact us!

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If you fail to find required information or you have any questions, feel free to contact the technical support service