Backup settings: programs settings, Windows configuration, games saves

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NikSaver can backup this user settings:

Desktop Settings.

Backing up desktop icons and wallpaper.

Internet Settings.

Backing up cookies (internet passwords), favorites (bookmarks) and network connections.

Outlook Express Settings.

Backup outlook and outlook express email messages, account settings, address book, mail rules and passwords (more information).

Microsoft Utilities Settings.

Backup system programs settings(like NotePAD and WordPAD settings; Paint settings, colors and bars; Sound Recorder settings; RegEdit settings, last opened and favorites keys).

Microsoft Games Settings.

Backup Microsoft Windows games settings (like WinMine settings and champions list; WinCell settings and statistics and Soliteir settings and statistics).

Microsoft Office Settings.

Backup Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, InfoPath, Excel and Access settings.

Windows Media Player Settings.

Backing up all Windows Media Player settings.

Microsoft Windows XP Registration (activation).

Now you no longer have to activate Windows XP again after you install it.

Niksaver can save (backup settings) for this programs:

NikSaver supports most popular programs. You can view the full list of them here.

Here are some popular programs that we support:

Internet Explorer
Outlook & Outlook Express
Mozilla Thunderbird
Light Alloy
The Bat!
Media Player

Add a new program\game.

Specify the name of the program you want to add:

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